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Web and Mobile Development

I am an undergrad of Web and Mobile Development and an ambitious entrepreneur, co-founder of Wee Shop (dealing with business side) and Elephant Stomp Clothing. I enjoy the journey of achieving goals, going to networking events and getting inspired by people who I can learn from.


I have previously won Sales and Leadership award whilst working with the Cobra Group between 2007 - 2011 and won The Best Use of Digital Skills Award at the Glasgow Business Enterprise Awards 2015. Around the same time I was invited to speak in front of the Scottish Minister of Youth and Women’s Employment (Annabelle Ewing).


I love traveling and meeting new people, I love to challenge myself and I'm passionate about technology. My experiences reflects my work ethic and people skills. Having a positive attitude is always the key to developing further.



My portfolio contains both commissioned commercial projects as well as university coursework.

Front end Language used:     PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Jquery mobile, bootstrap

Server-side:    Apache, MySQL

CMS:     CakePHP, wordpress

Other:    phoneGap

Design:     Illustrator, photoshop

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